Acrylic Cactus Pot Plants

  • R190.00

At a loss for a unique gift? Tired of getting potted plants that just die on you? EVEN succulents don't seem to last under the care of your off green thumb? Want to save water?

Well then, FUNculants are your prickly pals with cactitude! and the solution to all of these pressing problems.

Choose the one that most suits your style or collect the garden set. Then sit back and watch how they shine, each with their own fluorescent inner glow. AND NEVER DIE!

When life gets prickly:
- Blow it a kiss with Miss Lip-itude,
- Tip your sombrero with Senor Hat-itude,
- Make 'lemonade' with Mr Tequil-itude,
- or find your power in the flower with Mrs Bloom-itude

'Funculants with Cactitude' for all your answers to the thorny issues of life...

Made from Acrylic (Glows in the dark)
Each cactus is approximately 16.5cm tall x 8cm wide

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